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From Los Angeles, Guys on the Corner brings you a new online video series about LA fitness. Using our cool Flip video camera we will show all you beer-belly dudes out there a new way to exercise, and how to stay healthy even though you don’t have much money or are maybe looking for work like some of us. Using what we call the "Los Angeles Diet," it’s no comedy -- we really burn off the unwanted pounds, with a very hot personal trainer helping us do it (download YouTube videos as we audition them!). You can become a star of the best health reality show by signing up as a member of guysonthecorner.com and please buy one of our T-shirts to let everyone know Guys on the Corner is happening on your corner, too!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey, here we are working out last Sunday afternoon on the corner with trainer Paula D (http://www.pdfitla.com/ ).

Paula D was pretty good. She made us sweat!

We're inviting fitness trainers to come and work us out, to see which one will be the right trainer for us. We liked Paula D.

That's Eddie on the left, really kickin' it!

Even Guero got into it!

If you're a trainer and you want to give us a try, post your email on the comment thing below and we'll get in touch.

If you're someone who wants to get in shape and can work out with us Sunday afternoons on the corner in front of Howard's Liquor Store at St. Andrews and Beverly, become a member (above) and we'll put you on our contact list. We' re waiting to see you sweat, too!