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From Los Angeles, Guys on the Corner brings you a new online video series about LA fitness. Using our cool Flip video camera we will show all you beer-belly dudes out there a new way to exercise, and how to stay healthy even though you don’t have much money or are maybe looking for work like some of us. Using what we call the "Los Angeles Diet," it’s no comedy -- we really burn off the unwanted pounds, with a very hot personal trainer helping us do it (download YouTube videos as we audition them!). You can become a star of the best health reality show by signing up as a member of guysonthecorner.com and please buy one of our T-shirts to let everyone know Guys on the Corner is happening on your corner, too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey the Wall St Journal says:

"Tough economic times have gotten people to think about their fitness regimens creatively. Rex Weiner, 58, an unemployed screenwriter in Los Angeles, and his friend Victor Perez, 22, a manager at a liquor store, decided a few months ago that they wanted to get fit without spending a lot of money. He and three other friends sought a personal trainer to work them out in the parking lot in front of the Liquor and Food Mart, where Mr. Perez works. The ad they posted on Craigslist for a trainer put it bluntly: "We need to lose these beer bellies!"
The group now refers to itself as the "Guys on the Corner" and does everything from push-ups and jumping jacks to drills every Sunday afternoon in the same parking lot on Beverly Blvd. Their workouts with personal trainer Paula D'Andrea are open to anyone. Participants share the $50 per session cost.

"The first time we did it, it was kind of embarrassing," Mr. Perez says. People honked and hollered. But now the group has gotten used to it and even incorporates their surroundings into workouts, once even using old liquor-store boxes as mats. Ms. D'Andrea, for her part, says this is the first time she has trained anyone in a parking lot.
Psychologists say any regular workout -- whether on a fancy machine or in a parking lot -- is a good one in a recession, when people are more likely to experience a loss of control that can lead to excessive eating and drinking.

"The Guys on the Corner" meet on Sunday afternoons to work out with a trainer in a liquor-store parking lot.

"The important thing is to give people a healthy stress outlet to replace negative behavior," says Stephen Gullo, a psychologist and author of "The Thin Commandments Diet." People may have to cut back on their fitness budget because of financial constraints, but they don't necessarily need to spend a lot to be fit and healthy. "We are in a very Darwinian situation. Those who adapt will endure."


  1. You guys are awesome! So how many members did you have on this very hot Sunday? Your Oakland fan needs to know... ;-)

  2. Hey Oakland fan! We had about 20 members out there shaking it up, getting fit and fitter!
    When are you going to start your own Oakland chapter of Guys (or Girls!) on the Corner?