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From Los Angeles, Guys on the Corner brings you a new online video series about LA fitness. Using our cool Flip video camera we will show all you beer-belly dudes out there a new way to exercise, and how to stay healthy even though you don’t have much money or are maybe looking for work like some of us. Using what we call the "Los Angeles Diet," it’s no comedy -- we really burn off the unwanted pounds, with a very hot personal trainer helping us do it (download YouTube videos as we audition them!). You can become a star of the best health reality show by signing up as a member of guysonthecorner.com and please buy one of our T-shirts to let everyone know Guys on the Corner is happening on your corner, too!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hola! Hope everyone has gotten in some cardio in the past couple of days. If anyone has any more nutritional questions, please let me know on Sunday. Remember, I'm open to reviewing food journals.

I will see you this Sunday at 12:30P - P 213.715.4961 pdfitness@yahoo.com

ps - would you like to reschedule next Sunday, Mother's Day?

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